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Box Clever Itch

Box Clever is a grappling-hook 2D platformer, set in a factory that manufactures cardboard boxes and the liquid essence of life. Made in 2 weeks for LOWREZJAM 2020, and plays entirely in a 64x64 resolution.

Arcade Microgames Itch

Arcade Microgames is a varied compilation of fast-paced minigames inspired by classic arcade titles. Made in 3 days for the IndieWare Game Jam, where it achieved 1st place out of 9 total entries, as rated by other entrants.

Pocket Pilot Itch

Pocket Pilot is a pseudo-3D combat flight game set during the Battle of Britain. It was made in 1 week for GBJAM 7. Being designed to heavily resemble a GameBoy game, it displays in a 160x144 resulution and only 4 colours.

Pumpkin Party Itch Newgrounds

Pumpkin Party is a fun, carefree and bouncy game with 3 arcade arenas and 9 campaign levels. Bounce a pumpkin around and shoot for a highscore in arcade mode, or go for the goal with as much skill as you can in campaign mode.

The Forest Mirror Itch Newgrounds

Made in a week for Mirror Jam, The Forest Mirror is a small 2D platformer in which you explore the forest, taking advantage of its shifted underworld with reversed gravity, and try to restore the fairies to their home.

Freak Out TheMoonGolf

Freak Out is an unfinished music centric bullet hell, where the player takes form of your mouse cursor, as you weave in and out of a cluster of enemies. Rack up a highscore and earn points towards various colour palettes.

Trappy Dungeon TheMoonGolf

Trappy Dungeon is an unfinished platformer in which you explore a dunegon setting while avoid traps and hazards and collecting treasure such as gold coins and gems.

The Juice Monster Itch Game Jolt

Made in a week for GB Jam, The Juice Monster is a small platformer in which an anonymous hero travels the land in search of a new home, but without intention, gets tangled in the enormous and sticky web that is The Juice Monster.

Hat Man Itch Game Jolt

Hat Man is a puzzle platformer based around collecting magic hats which will grant you powers required to navigate Hat Man's mansion. Journey through the basement to reach your dinner party in time to great your guests.

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